Sensory Adventure Club
Fun way to address your kid's sensory & behavior challenges
What is Sensory Adventure Club?
New gym? Summer camp? Movie? What the heck is Sensory Adventure Club?!
Sensory Fitness and Lakikid have teamed up and created the Sensory Adventure Club for parents and caregivers with kids with Autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and other neurodiversities. 

Sensory Adventure Club is an awesome resource to pull from to help you understand your kiddo’s (and your own) sensory needs. There’s videos, hand outs, blogs, consultations, coffee talks, and more!

Could I Benefit From Being In The Club?
Easy To Follow Sensory Advice For Parents & Teachers
  • Access dozens of unique drills, games, and activities.
  • ​Provides a great movement break during the day.
  • ​Keeps kids engaged and moving the whole class.
  • ​Excellent resource for autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and other neuro-diversities.
Could My Kids Benefit From Being In The Club?
Fun ways to improve your kids' overall health and wellness
  • Clinically proven to increase attention and focus.
  • ​Activities and exercises specifically designed to improve overall strength, coordination, and motor skills.
  • ​Help decrease stimming behaviors, hyperactivity, and aggression
  • Have fun, get healthy, and make friends!
Meet Your Instructor
"I'm a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant and a Dad of Special Needs Child."
Matt Sloan, the founder of Sensory Fitness, is an occupational therapy assistant, personal trainer, and special education teacher. He plans to direct his experience to create specialized fitness programs for the Sensory Adventure Club. 

Matt also brings sensory education and strategies to educators, parents, fitness professionals, and anyone working with kids or adults with sensory difficulties to provide sensory strategies, create sensory-friendly environments, and promote the importance of movement in learning and everyday activities.

Here's What You Get
Mini Sensory Health Course with Video
Ways to address fine motor, eating, sensory overload, motor skills are all talked about in our monthly vlog. Watch the video, read the blog, and get a gear and supply list for that monthly activity. 
Virtual Coffee Talk
Once a month join the crew on the Sensory Adventure Club Facebook page to get together to ask Matt questions, ask each other questions, share, vent, laugh, cry, tell jokes, or just listen with others in the Sensory Adventure Club family!
Sensory Fitness Activity Bingo
Bingo game with 25 fun sensory activities for the summer. Complete the activity written in the square and mark off the space. Have fun with it and get creative.
Access to Experts for Advice & Help
Have a question specifically for Coach Matt? Simply post it in the group or a direct message! We’re here to help you with any and all of your sensory-related questions!
Open Discussion Forum
Keep the dialog going! We often post daily to check in with our community, spark a conversation, share special news, or open the floor to the whole club as an open discussion forum. We’re here to help!
Community of Like Minded Parents & Teachers
We encourage members to meet & mingle as a whole community. Our members are supportive, helpful & so kind!
Sensory Fitness Video Library
You have access to the Sensory Fitness video library. Learn the fundamentals of sensory processing and the effect it has on behavior. Understand why your kid might be doing what he/she is doing. Gain understanding of the importance of movements and specific activities you can do along with demonstrative videos. 
Exclusive Discounts to ALL Lakikid’s Therapy Products & Digital Courses
Once a month join the crew on the Sensory Adventure Club Facebook page to get together to ask Matt questions, ask each other questions, share, vent, laugh, cry, tell jokes, or just listen with others in the Sensory Adventure Club family!
1 on 1 consult with Coach Matt
Gain access to our resident sensory expert Matt Sloan COTA/L to ask any questions about your kiddo. Matt will help parents find a place to start with their kids behavior by looking at sensory input and how they might process that input and how it could be leading to certain behavior. Discuss ways to build a plan and a sensory diet specifically for your child. Matt also looks for resources in your area that could be a possible fit such as therapies, sports and activities, or local experts. 
What Our Fans Are Saying....

Elle T.
"Matt has a heart of gold, wicked sense of humor, and excellent musical skills! He makes everything fun, including working out!! His education and experience in physical therapy, special education, and sensory disorders translates to being able to create individualized activity programs to help target specific needs and deficits."

Deena C.

"Such amazing support, ideas and a general place to ask the questions I don’t have answers to! I love that my advice is valued and I can learn daily from others! Thank you LakiKid!"

Not 100% Satisfied With Your Savings? 
We are so confident that you'll receive INCREDIBLE Results with the Sensory Adventure Club that we're willing to offer 30-day full money back guarantee!