Calm Down Kit Giveaway
($100 Retail Value)
Help Kids Feel Calm, Sleep Better & Learn Happily! 
In collaboration with Mindfully Natural, we're giving away 1 Calm Down Kit every week this June. 

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What's In The Calm Down Kit? 
Fidget Marble Maze
Teachers find this to be a great resource for keeping active hands busy. This is a fun, portable, occupational therapy tool that children love to use.
Mindfully Natural Safe Magnesium Cream
Made with an aloe and shea butter base, this magnesium cream for kids absorbs quickly to promote muscle relaxation, reduce anxiety, and induce restful sleep while moisturizing your child’s skin. 
Weighted Neck Pillow 
Cozy neck support and adorable cuddle buddy for children during travel time. It's the perfect companion for the long plane, train and car rides with extra sensory input from the added weight.

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